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All youth swim classes are conducted in conjunction with the American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program and are taught by American Red Cross certified instructors.
Please refer to our Activities Guide for lesson and swim test dates/times.

Parent & Tot Lessons

6 month-3 years
M & W 5:45-6:25pm

This is a water exploration course, not an actual swim lesson. The parent is the primary instructor for their child and is required to be in the water with them. Children must wear "lil swimmers" under their bathing suits.

Gold Fish - Introduction to Water Skills

This level helps the student feel comfortable in the water. Participants learn to enter and exit the water safely, open eyes underwater, pick up submerged objects, swim on front and back using arm and leg actions, submerge mouth, nose, and eyes, float on the front and back, follow basic rules, exhale under the water through mouth and nose, explore arm and leg movements and properly use a life jacket.

Puffer Fish - Fundamentals of Aquatic Skills

Participants learn to enter water by stepping or jumping from side, open eyes underwater, pick up submerged objects, roll over from front to back and back to front, swim on side, exit water safely using ladder or steps, float on front and back, tread water using arm and leg motions, move in the water while wearing a life jacket, submerge entire head, perform front and back glide, and swim on front and back using combined strokes

Whales - Stroke Development

Participants learn to jump into deep water from the side, bob with head fully submerged, perform survival float, butterfly kick and body motion, dive from kneeling or standing position, use rotary breathing in horizontal position, change from horizontal to vertical position on front and back, perform the "Help and Huddle" position, submerge and retrieve an object, perform front glide, back glide, crawl stroke, and perform reaching assist.


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Marlins - Stroke Improvement

Participants learn to shallow dive or dive from stride position, perform open turns on front and back using any stroke, swim underwater, tread water using sculling arm motions, and kick and perform feet-first dive. Swimmers will perform front and back crawl, swim on side using scissors-like kick, breaststroke, butterfly, and elementary backstroke.

Dolphins - Stroke Refinement

Participants learn to tread water with two different kicks, learn survival floating and perform rescue breathing. Swimmers will perform standing dive, pike dive, butterfly, shallow dive, front flip turn, breaststroke, backstroke, flip turn, elementary backstroke, tuck surface dive, front and back crawl plus side stroke.

Sharks -  Swim Team

Swim Team participants must be ages 4-14 years old. Participants are not required to master or perfectly execute skills as they will develop techniques and build stamina during the program. THIS IS NOT A SWIM LESSON. Participants must be able to display swimming 100 yards front and back crawl continuously while breathing to the front or side with flip turn, 50 yards breaststroke using a pull, breath, kick and glide sequence with open turn, 25 yard butterfly using kick, pull, breathe and glide sequence with open turn, tread water for two minutes using arms and legs, 15 yard side stroke, and off side dive. Swimmers will NOT need to pass level 5 to participate in the swim team.
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Please refer to our Activites Guide, Registration Page, or call (831)-899-6815 for more information