1. City Council & Committee Agendas

    Look through the agendas and minutes of past and present Seaside board and commission meetings.

  2. Departments

    Here you will find a list of departments for the City of Seaside with a brief description of each departments responsibilities and services.

  3. Boards & Commissions

    Commissions and Boards are advisory bodies, appointed by the Council, that serve as an important link between the City Council and Community by providing direct involvement in policy-making and communication of vital information.

  4. Seaside Municipal Code

    The City of Seaside Municipal Code consists of the regulatory and administrative ordinances of the City of Seaside, California, codified pursuant to the provisions of Sections 50022.1-50022.8 and 50022.10 of the State of California Government Code.

  5. About Seaside

    Read about the City of Seaside history, community, and business features.

  6. Staff Directory

    Search through contact information for all organization staff and departments.

  7. Seaside County Sanitation District

    The Seaside County Sanitation District (SCSD) is a special district responsible for the maintenance and operation of the sanitary sewer collection system serving the Cities of Del Rey Oaks, Sand City and Seaside.

  8. Emergency Preparedness

    Emergency preparedness is all about pre-planning and education.

  9. Public Meeting Videos

    Videos of past public meetings for the City of Seaside