Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness is all about pre-planning and education. It is critical that in the event of an emergency of any kind, you are prepared to take care of yourself, your family, your pets and even your neighbors. This information is to help you do the following:
  • Learn your risks and responses
  • Make a family communications plan
  • Build an emergency supply kit
  • Get involved in preparedness in your community
  1. Be Prepared for 72 Hours

    It's important to be prepared for 72 hours. The best way to be prepared is to make an emergency kit in advance that can sustain you, your family and your pets for 72 hours.

  2. Emergency Preparedness Resources

    Resources for preparing you, your family and your home for emergencies you can never be too prepared. Here you can find helpful information from organizations that specialize in emergency preparedness for many different types of natural or man made disasters.

  3. Flood Awareness

    With heavy rains predicated this winter due to the El Nino season, the City of Seaside is encouraging all residents and businesses be prepared in the event of flooding.

  4. Seaside Emergency Planning

    Whether in war or peacetime emergency, it’s open true that the best laid plans are subject to change based on the circumstances of the moment.

Tsunami Evacuation Route