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Community Center at Soper Field

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Permit to Use & Rental Fees for Soper Community Center (PDF)

Event Contract

The Seaside Community Center requires a 30 day advance notice and all fees must be paid 30 days prior to your event along with all required paperwork being submitted. This would include a copy of your security contract, if applicable, and liability insurance certificate. The department Activities Guide lists all current room rental pricing.


Alcohol is not permitted at youth oriented events; if alcohol is found on the premises (including the parking lot, kitchen, etc.) and if your contract prohibits the consumption of alcohol, the City of Seaside has the right to cancel your event and your deposits and fees will not be refunded.

Security Guard & Insurance

Private party rentals require you to provide licensed, bonded security guards. It is required that you hire one guard per 50 guests. A copy of the contract must be provided to the city at least 30 days prior to your event. In addition, a 1-million dollar (2-million aggregate) liability insurance policy is required naming the City of Seaside as co-insured. You can get an estimate from an insurance company and provide us a copy of the policy or we can write the policy for you at the Oldemeyer Center for a fee.


In order to reserve the Seaside Community Center, you must come to the Oldemeyer Center at 986 Hilby Avenue and complete a permit to use form. Once you complete the form and pay your fees, you will be issued a permit and your date will be reserved.