1. Start a New Business

    How do I start a new business in Seaside?

  2. Business License Application (PDF)

    Print off and complete all section on the Business License Application before submitting the form.

  3. Building Permit Application (PDF)

    Fill out the Building Permit Application completely and return it to the Building Inspection Division office.

  4. Bid Opportunities

    View open bids for consultants, service providers, contractors, vendors, and suppliers.

  5. Community & Economic Development

    Community and Economic Development works to stimulate economic growth in the City of Seaside by attracting new businesses and encouraging growth and prosperity for the existing establishments.

  6. Building & Code Enforcement

    The mission of the Building Department is to enforce and maintain public safety, health, and welfare.

  7. Planning

    The Planning Division administers the City’s General Plan and Zoning Ordinance, reviews development applications, and plans for the future of the community.

  8. Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

    Find documents and resources associated with the Community Development Block Grant.

  9. Business Directory

    Browse through local businesses and organizations that operate in the area.

  10. Job Training & Education

    View a list of job training and education resources and vocational training opportunities.

  11. Small Business Assistance

    If you are looking for assistance to help your existing or new business prosper this is a great place to start.

  12. Protect your family from lead in your home

    Brochure from US Environmental Protection Agency.