The City Council and the City's Boards, Commissions and Committees will hold its public meetings in person, with a virtual option for public viewing based on availability. The City of Seaside utilizes Zoom tele-conferencing technology for virtual public viewing; however, we make no representation or warranty of any kind, regarding the adequacy, reliability, or availability of the use of this platform in this manner. Participation by members of public through this means is at their own risk. Members of the public may watch the live stream of the City Council and Boards and Commission meetings at or by using login information provided at the top of the meeting agenda.


To make a public comment, the following options are available:


  • Before the Meeting via Email: Written comments can be emailed to  Include the following subject line: “Public Comment Item # (insert the agenda item number relevant to your comment). Written comments must be received at least two (2) hours prior to the meeting time, on the day of the meeting. All submitted comments will be provided to the City Council or the Board for consideration, compiled as part of the record.
  • During the Meeting via Oral Comments: When the Chair calls for public comment, members of the public participating in person and wishing to address the City Council may approach the podium when the Chair calls for public comment.  

In an effort to ensure the virtual process closely follows our normal process, public comment will be accepted in writing during the meeting, but may not be read into the record during the meeting, but will be included as part of the final administrative record. 

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