Why did the City adopt this ban?
The purpose of the Ordinance was to reduce litter and protect the natural resources of Seaside. Due to their shape and weight, these bags became windblown litter if discarded and were frequently found along local roadways, in storm drainage facilities and in local open spaces such as wetlands and riparian corridors, and ultimately found their way to the Monterey Bay and the ocean.

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1. When did it become effective?
2. What is the purpose of this ordinance?
3. How is a reusable bag defined?
4. What is considered a “single-use carry-out bag”?
5. What bags are not included in this?
6. Who does the plastic bag ordinance apply to?
7. Why did the City adopt this ban?
8. What is considered a recycled paper bag?
9. Is there a charge for providing a reusable or recyclable bag?
10. Why is there a fee?
11. Does the City keep the fee for purchase of a bag?