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Posted on: August 28, 2020

Proposals For Enhanced Community / Social Services

The City of Seaside budgeted $320,000 in the FY20/21 fiscal year to enhance community and social services.  Enhanced services in realms including, but not limited to, education, recreation, social work, public health, public safety, mental health, youth development, elder care, community building and restoration, and homeless and housing advocacy are eligible for funding.  

Eligible applicants were public or private nonprofit organizations including community-based organizations (CBO) and faith-based organizations serving Seaside residents.  Grass-roots organizations which are not officially recognized as a non-profit we asked to align with an established non-profit to apply.  Applicants were urged to propose cost-effective projects that meet a significant and timely community need and/or impact a substantial number of individuals, and applicants must propose a cash and/or in-kind match of at least 10%.

Successful applicants will be required to submit quarterly reports to the City of Seaside. This includes descriptions of special events, significant activities, and major accomplishments, and quantitative information on the number of service hours, participants served, people completing or leaving the program, and other information as needed. Successful applicants will also be required to participate in a comprehensive evaluation of the program and present a status report to the City not later than April 9, 2021.

Twelve proposals were received on September 8, 2020. Click here for the Bid Summary. The following organizations submitted proposals; Community Human Services  requested $50,000.00 "In support of our Seaside Family Service Center (FSC)"; Community Partnership for Youth requested $100,000.00 for their Mentor-Tutor Program; Community 831 Action Teams requested $193,000.00 for "Pause the Calls"; Dorea Church requested $50,000.00 for their health and fitness program; Meals on Wheels requested$20,000.00 for their food delivery service (costs of food only); Orchestra in the Schools requested $11,292.00 to support "Orchestra in the Schools Online Music Instruction"; Friends of Seaside Library requested $40,000.00 for a Garden at the entrance to the Seaside Library; Partners for Peace requested $15,045.00 for their "Preparing our kids for success" program; Road to Reality requested $130,141.00 for "Road 2 Reality, Inc is dedicated to all individuals who are willing to thrive and work together towards positive change in the community"; Seaside Aquatics Club (The Dolphins) requested $25,000.00 in Support of the Dolphin Swim Program; Sun Street Centers requested $30,760.00 "Prevention, education, treatment, and recovery" during the Pandemic; and The Village Project requested $116,820.00 for community mental health enhancement.  All of the applications are listed at the bottom of this page. 

An ad-hoc committee of professionals, consisting city staff, community and social service professionals, and community residents, were responsible for reviewing proposals applications and did so over three different meetings, which were all aired publicly on You Tube. 

Each organization had an opportunity to score 100 points maximum on their proposal. The following criteria was used to score each proposal; demonstrated project need & target population (30 points), quality of and need for the practice or program proposed (20 points), evidence that the program or practices are effective (10 point), potential for maximum positive impact (20 points), organization and staff experience and capabilities (10 points), Cost-effectiveness and funding match (10 points).  

The committee held it's introductory meeting on September 21st, 2020. On September 29, 2020 they heard presentations from community based organizations who made the case on why they should be awarded funding. The committee deliberated on September 30th, 2020 and scoring was announced on October 7th, 2020. Every meeting was streamed live on YouTube and the written public comment was received and reviewed by the committee members before and after each meeting.  

The committee understood that they could have disregarded the standards set forth in the RFP, but recognized that by doing so they wouldn't be setting the right tone for fairness in the spirit of the grant. There was a healthy debate on whether the funds should be divided equally among the applicants. The committee chose not to go in that direction recognizing that each organization requested what they needed for reasons known to them not the committee. They spent a lot of time hearing from the community through written public comment, discussing the details of the RFP, and whether certain organizations should be "disqualified" based their lack of 501c3 status, missing documentation, or turning in their proposals after the 5pm deadline on September 8, 2020. Ultimately, the committee decided to score every proposal submitted on September 8th, 2020, and allowing organizations who listed their 501c3 number but didn't provide an IRS letter to be considered for funding. Organizations were recommended for funding based on their ranking, and the committee chose to fully fund those organizations and award the remaining balance to an additional organization. 

Based on the scoring / ranking of the proposals the ad hoc committee makes the following funding recommendations: 

Community Human Services with a total average score of 91 at $50,000.00. The Village Project Inc. with a total average score of 90 at $116,820.00. Community Partnership for Youth with a total average score of89 at $100,000.00. Meals on wheels with a total average score of 87 at $20,000.00. Sun Street Centers with a total average score of 84 at $30,760.00. The remaining balance of $2,420 is recommended to be awarded to the Seaside Aquatics Club (The Dolphins) who had a total average score of 80.

The committee recognizes that this was a difficult decision as each proposal presented would greatly benefit the City of Seaside. They each expressed disappointment at not having more funding available to support the efforts of start up non profits, and newer innovative programs. They each expressed hope that any future funding be used to assist grass roots organizations to help get them a proper footing in the community. 

The Full Request for Proposal is Available Here(PDF)


Meals on Wheels CSS Application

The Village Project Application

Sun Street Centers Application

Seaside Aquatic Club Application

Road 2 Reality Application

Partners for Peace Application

Orchestra In The Schools Application

Friends of the Seaside Library Application

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Community Partnership for Youth Application

831 Action Team Application

Community Human Services Application

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