Parks & Recreation Master Plan

Children playng on green and yellow playground equipment. Sign on equipment reads Ellis Park

Planning our city parks and recreation programs where everyone plays...

The City of Seaside is updating its citywide Parks and Recreation Master Plan (PRMP). The PRMP will determine the future direction for Seaside parks, open spaces, trails, and recreation programs for the next ten years and more. The plan will: 

  • Inform how we prioritize recreation projects and programs.
  • Guide how we improve parks and trails and expand programs to serve the community’s needs.
  • Help us prepare to have the resources and capacity to maintain what we add or expand


The City’s park system is an integral part of the community and provides benefits to the community’s overall health and wellbeing. With nearly 90 acres of parkland, the City has 25 parks, an indoor pool, teen center, baseball fields and a large multi-use field. The City has a robust activity guide for programming and offers 12 large, free special events per year. The Pattullo Swim Center supports fun with the family and a good workout with its lap lanes and water aerobics classes, swim lessons, therapeutic exercise options and play and relaxation in the pool for movies and private parties

The Parks & Recreation Master Plan will be to provide a practical, comprehensive action plan for meeting the short and long term needs of park facilities in the City. The new PRMP will outline how to meet the needs and wants of our changing community now and in the future. It will also:

  • Assess the condition and accessibility of parks and facilities,
  • Identify how to improve maintenance at existing facilities,
  • Identify future demand for the park system and services, and
  • Promote awareness of city park services, programs, and offerings.

The PRMP will take about a year to complete and will be finalized in late 2023. Once approved, the PRMP will be added to the City of Seaside’s General Plan.