FLIP Seaside - Storefront Grant Application Form

Our small businesses are an important part of our community and provide services and experiences that make our community unique for visitors and residents. The City of Seaside will continue their strong ongoing efforts to support local businesses impacted by COVID-19 by launching their new Façade Local Improvement Program for Seaside (FLIP Seaside), a matching grant program to help small businesses "flip" their storefronts.

The FLIP Seaside Program will provide a 75% matching grant, up to $7,500 for projects over $10,000, to help fund façade improvements such as awnings, paint, windows, doors, signs, murals, barriers for COVID-19 readiness, and other minor improvements. Program participants will have until the end of the fiscal year, on June 30, 2022, to make use of these 75% matching grant funds. The City has also temporarily eliminated all façade planning review permit fees. Applicants are encouraged to read the Administrative Policies and Procedures before applying for a grant.

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  1. Haroon Noori

    Administrative Analyst II