Youth Arts Collective, Mentors Show


“YAC” is a community-based nonprofit organization. We provide mentoring and creative sanctuary for Monterey County youth to explore their potential as artists, while developing personal awareness, social understanding and an appreciation for contributing in positive ways to their community.

“Do art. Be kind.”

Founded in 2000, YAC is open six days a week, four hours a day, year round to highly motivated young artists ages 14-22. Studios are staffed by professional artists and equipped for drawing, painting, airbrushing, photography, digital arts, fashion, video, jewelry and ceramic sculpture.

YAC Hours: Monday-Friday, 3-7pm
Saturday, 12-4pm

472 Calle Principal
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 375.9922

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Andrew Jackson

I sought out mentors when I struggled in high school and discovered I learned best by watching. At the age of 19 I became an apprentice to a fine art oil painter that led me having found a kinship with many more painters. I have found my true passion and have developed an ease of mentoring what I have learned to the young adults of YAC.

Chloe Wilson

YAC alumni and a native of Pacific Grove, Chloe is a painter who spent her childhood taking art classes through The Lyceum of Monterey County, and first began working seriously on her artwork when she joined Youth Arts Collective as a high school sophomore. After graduating from York School in Monterey, she went on to earn her BFA from UC Davis, and then later continued her informal education during her time spent living in Barcelona, Chicago, and Oakland. Chloe has exhibited her work nationally and internationally in both group and solo settings. Her work can be seen online at

Germain Hatcher

Moving through life as an artist can take many routes. School, workshops, creating artwork, sharing artwork and mentoring the next generation of artist are all pathways. All paths lead to sharing. Sharing ideas, thoughts and techniques. YAC with all its wonder and joy is the perfect vessel for sharing and learning. Appreciating the wonder that is Youth, the compassion that flows effortlessly through each new group of YACSTERS, and learning about community lasts far beyond walls. See more of her art at

Marcia Perry

I am moved to create and help others create, sharing whatever I have learned in nearly 50 years of making. As co- founder, mentor and executive director of Youth Arts Collective, I have had the great pleasure of supporting hundreds of young artists as they explore their own artistic expression and begin to create their own lives. I make my art to promote a kinder, more colorful world. I am inspired by the beautiful truths found in nature and sacred symbolism. My art is my love made visible. See more at

Meg Biddle

Shorthand Landscapes
I’m a cartoonist, illustrator, and painter, but there’s nothing like plein air and urban sketching to immediately put me in my happy place. These are scenes from around the Monterey Bay area which represent afternoons well spent. As YAC’s other co-founder, it has been an enormous honor to know and mentor our magnificent YACsters throughout the past 21 years, and truly an inspiration to work with this extraordinary tribe of mentors, now lifelong friends. Mentoring matters - to everyone involved.

Paul Richmond

Paul’s paintings are an investigation of identity, vulnerability, and human nature. Reality and abstraction compete within the figurative foundation of each piece to make the subjects’ inner struggles more tangible. He often draws upon personal history to approach universal themes. The expressive application of pigment reduces the literalness of the depiction, engaging with an exploration of color, form, shape, and pattern as windows into the psyche. Paul's fascination with people and his desire to help share their stories also extends into his work as a mentor, encouraging young artists to find their own creative voices and express themselves. See more of his art at

Peggy Alonas

Making art has been an important part of my life since the time I was a Yacster. As a mentor I’m able to share my passion for art with the kids, support their creativity, their uniqueness, their personal and artistic outlooks. I have believed in the deep value of YAC since my daughter was a Yacster 20 years ago, and now I’m grateful to be a part of this exceptional art collective of kids and mentors. More of my art can be seen at

Renata Abma

Renata is an artist, architect and aspiring naturalist. She has been working on translating her love for nature and her interest in the built environment through her painted canvases. Her work is colorful and bold, with focus on compositions that present unique points of view. Because of her diverse background Renata is eager to share her experiences with others and mentoring seemed like a natural progression of her career. She is looking forward to mentoring at the Youth Arts Collective beginning in the summer of 2021.“ See more of her art at