Laguna Grande Regional Park

LG Park

Laguna Grande Regional Park is  located in the cities of Seaside and Monterey, and is managed separately by their respective owners and operators, Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District (MPRPD), City of Seaside, and City of Monterey.  

Park Usage and Areas of Responsibility

The cities of Seaside and Monterey have been responsible for managing portions of the park within their jurisdictions. Of the Park’s 13.33 acres, 80.5% is located in the City of Seaside and 19.5% is located in the City of Monterey. While Laguna Grande is one contiguous park, it primarily serves three purposes: 

  1. The eastern part of the park (east of the lake and the lake itself) serves as the single largest park in Seaside where many of the community’s events are held, such as concert series and other special events. In Seaside, Canyon Del Rey Boulevard separates the park from residential neighborhoods. 
  2. The western part of the park (west of the lake) effectively serves as a neighborhood park for the Del Monte Grove and Laguna Grande neighborhood, because of its close proximity to the residential neighborhood.
  3. The southern section of the park (south of the lake) includes walking paths, as well as a creek, wildlife habitat and natural vegetation.
Laguna Grande Park Map

Seaside Section

The majority of Laguna Grande Park is located in the City of Seaside, including the entire lake (directly adjacent to the City of Monterey’s eastern border), canyon, vegetation/natural habitat area, walking trails, barbecue areas, picnic tables for over 300 people, playground, and restrooms.  The City of Seaside’s 2003 General Plan designates Laguna Grande (10.73 acres) as a regional park and accounts for 29.3% of Seaside’s traditional park facilities (mini-parks, neighborhood parks, community parks, and regional parks). The park is also designated as a critical native vegetation and habitat area in Seaside’s Habitat Management Plan.

Monterey Section

The sections of Laguna Grande Park in the City of Monterey features a walking path, playground and athletic facilities.  In addition, the City of Monterey maintains a 0.07-acre pocket park adjacent to Laguna Grande Park. The City of Monterey’s 2016 Parks & Recreation Master Plan designates Laguna Grande (2.6 acres) as a Neighborhood Park.

Laguna Grande Regional Park Joint Powers Authority

In 1950, the County of Monterey established Laguna Grande Park. In 1976, the Laguna Grande Regional Park Joint Powers Agency (JPA) was formed to coordinate the development and maintenance of the park. The members of the JPA include the three owners of the park land; the City of Seaside, the City of Monterey and the Monterey Peninsula Regional Parks District.   In 1978, the Laguna Grande Regional Park Master Plan and EIR Addendum were published. (Available at the following link: Laguna Grande Park Master Plan ) A summary of the Plan’s objectives and policies include:


  1. To preserve and enhance Laguna Grande through a water oriented park facility
  2. To meet the park recreational needs of 1) the citizens of Monterey and Seaside and 2) the citizens of the Monterey Peninsula through a water oriented park facility


  1. The recommendations of the 208 Case Study should be implemented to improve water quality and to provide a biologically balanced systems. (Attached
  2. The park should be water oriented. Provide for water activities – non power boating, fishing, and flycasting.
  3. Provide for only the amounts and types of activities and facilities the site can readily accommodate.
  4. Minimize the effect of the park on the adjacent residential areas, keeping traffic, parking and noise to a minimum.
  5. Provide adequate parking facilities on the site.
  6. Encourage private developments as the City Hall, Civic Center and Department of Motor Vehicles to accommodate overflow parking.
  7. Retain and enhance the scenic vistas into and internal to the site.
  8. Each city is to provide maintenance for their respective sides of the lake.
  9. Provide for police surveillance by emergency vehicles.
  10. Provide a “native” landscaped area around the perimeter of the lake.

In 1980, the Canyon Del Rey Watershed JPA was formed by the cities of Del Rey Oaks, Seaside, and Monterey, County of Monterey, and MPRPD to coordinate the development, maintenance, and water quality of the Canyon Del Rey Watershed, which includes Laguna Grande and Roberts lakes.

Meetings and Agendas graphic of sign up sheets and calendar
  1. Joint Powers Authority Meetings

The Joint Powers Authority just held it's first meeting in several years on September 30, 2019. 

Board Members

  • City of Monterey Mayor Clyde Roberson
  • City of Seaside Council Member Alissa Kispersky
  • Monterey Peninsula Regional Parks District Board Member Kevin Raskoff

Click here to access the current meetings and agendas or to subscribe to meeting notifications. 

Laguna Grande Agreements