Finalists for Gateway Project

On May 29, 2019 the City of Seaside unveiled the new Gateway sign!

This project began over 3 years ago when the Neighborhood Improvement Committee noticed an area in need of beautification. An initial design concept grew into a design competition hosted by the City of Seaside Neighborhood Improvement Commission, with prizes for the winning designs – first place received $1,500, second place $1,000 and third place $500. Entries were submitted by a wide variety of people: students, residents, businesses, design firms, artists, etc. The best design was submitted by Kvenild Construction in 2018, who began construction in April 2019 and the final product will be done in May. The construction cost was under $50,000 and funds were provided by the City Council and the Parks and Recreation Committee. The City of Seaside expects this area to be transformed from an eyesore to a fun, inviting space, where residents and tourists will likely snap a selfie. Commissioner Ray Bennett, who worked on the project for years, is “thrilled and proud to be able to play a part in transforming a liability into an attractive asset that speaks to the beauty of Seaside.”

KSBW Selfie Mural

Finalist Designs:

Neighborhood Improvement Program Committee graphic with images of houses


Presentations made to City Council on May 1, 2018: