Illegal Fireworks Enforcement

Illegal Fireworks Enforcement

Both the Seaside Police and Fire Departments are again strongly urging the public to follow the "No Illegal Fireworks, $2,500 Fine" policy in force.

NEW THIS YEAR: Seaside is offering a $50 reward for residents who help enforce illegal fireworks!

To be eligible:

  • Must call 831-718-8777 & report fireworks that result in citation.
  • Must be willing to sign declaration and/or be willing to give testimony at hearing.
  • Only Seaside Residents are eligible (No full-time / on-duty City staff).
  • Limit 5 rewards per resident.


The Seaside Police Department, in partnership with the Seaside Fire Department, has formulated an operations plan for illegal firework suppression beginning in May and continuing through July. The operation will focus on public education, and the safety of citizens, visitors, and property from use of illegal fireworks.

Violations will be enforced. 

This year the City has adopted a Zero Tolerance  Policy for illegal Fireworks and will be strictly enforcing it. 

  • Fines for violations have increased to $2,500
  • Extra officers will be on duty and enforcement will be extreem. 
  • There will be specific illegal firework patrol details and several officers will be in unmarked cars. 
  • Anonymous tip lines have been set up to report illegal fireworks position and use. Photos can also be uploaded by reporting parties.

The Seaside Fire Department will deploy DRONES to monitor places open to the public for fire safety hazards and gather data which is expected to result in video evidence of illegal firework possession and use. These drones will be used for enforcement.

Keeping illegal fireworks out of the city doesn’t mean taking the fun out of the Fourth of July-it’s adding safety. Violators to the City’s Municipal Code on illegal fireworks can receive a $2,500 citation for possessing illegal fireworks, or even misusing or tampering with legal ones.

WARNING: Tickets will be issued ANYTIME someone is caught using illegal fireworks, not just on July 4th. 

Seaside police officers and  firefighters will be looking out for illegal fireworks during the July 4th holiday. The patrols will focus on high-activity illegal fireworks areas but will be present throughout the City.

Only fireworks certified as “safe and sane” by the State Fire Marshal’s Office are allowed for sale and use in approved areas. By California State law, “safe and sane” fireworks may only be sold from a free standing fireworks booth. 

For more information, please call the Seaside Police Department Non-Emergency line at 831-899-6748.

To Report Illegal Fireworks, please call 831-718-8777.


  1. Always use fireworks under adult supervision.
  2. Always follow the directions printed on the firework of packaging.
  3. Never use a firework in or around dry grass or areas that are likely to catch fire.
  4. After a firework has been used, soak in water before discarding.
  5. Never throw a firework in the air or at a person.
  6. Never take a firework apart or experiment with a firework.
  7. Light only one at a time and stay away when fireworks are lit.
  8. Never carry a firework in your pocket.
  9. Fireworks are never to be used indoors.
  10. Never try to re-light or “fix” a firework.
  11. Always keep at a safe distance.
  12. Always have a garden hose and a bucket of water on hand when using fireworks.
  13. Never light a firework with a flare or use another firework for lighting.