Seaside Public Library & Parking Structure

"Community Development" with image of aerial view of land

West Broadway Urban Village

A public library, parking structure and mixed use development has been identified as a catalyst and an opportunity site to initiate the implementation of the proposed West Broadway Urban Village (WBUV) Specific Plan.


The proposed development site is comprised of both publicly and privately owned parcels and includes the area bordered by Olympia Avenue to the north, Broadway Avenue to the south, Hillsdale Street to the west and Alhambra Street to the east.

Project Components

The proposed project includes the following components.
  • Library - 20,000 square feet
  • Retail - 20,000 square feet
  • Residential - 80 units (senior/affordable)
  • Parking up to 500 spaces
  • Public Plaza - 5,000 square feet

Library & Parking Structure Conceptual Design

The City will seek to identify a development team with the ability to assemble private land, plan, design and develop the proposed project in accordance with the WBUV Specific Plan. A Request for Proposals will be released Spring / Summer 2010.