Encroachment Permits

"Public Works & Engineering"
An encroachment permit is necessary when anyone (including utility companies, residents and contractors) works in the City right-of-way, City-owned land, and/or within a City easement. A few examples include:
  • Installing or modifying sidewalk, curb or gutter 
  • Installing or modifying a driveway approach
  • Excavating in the city street to access underground utilities
  • Parking a dumpster or temporary storage device in the street

What You Need to Get a Permit

To obtain an encroachment permit, the applicant must submit:
  • Review Encroachment Permit Requirements
  • Completed application form,
  • Provide proof of liability insurance naming the City of Seaside as an additionally insured.  Approved insurance forms
  • Permit fee of varies per the type of work, see current fee schedule here.
  • Traffic/pedestrian control plans, reference material can be downloaded from Caltrans

If You Plan on Excavating

If you plan on any type of excavation, you must call Underground Service Alert (USA) at 800-227-2600 no sooner than fourteen days, and no later than two days, prior to commencing excavation activities. The proposed site must be outlined with white paint or stakes.

Permit Forms

Encroachment permit applications can be obtained here or from the Public Works Department in Seaside at 440 Harcourt Avenue. No work requiring an inspection is to be done outside the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.
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