Vehicle Abatement

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The Vehicle Abatement Officer (VAO) ensures that Seaside's streets are clear of abandoned vehicles. The VAO also issues parking citations throughout the city and in response to complaints. When a vehicle has been identified as abandoned a sticker is placed on the vehicle identifying it and advising the owner of the illegal status. The text on the sticker advises the owner of the following:
"Vehicles that are not being USED should not be abandoned or stored on the street. California Vehicle Code section 22523 prohibits the abandonment of any vehicle on public property. Your vehicle is considered abandoned of it is left unattended, does not have current registration, is inoperable or is a deemed hazard and may be removed WITHOUT NOTICE. Your vehicle is considered to be stored if it is parked on the street for over 72 consecutive hours (3 days) and may be cited under Seaside Municipal Code section 10.32.040A and towed under the California Vehicle Code section 22651(k)."
Police Truck and Vehicle Abatement Officer
Note: Pushing or moving your vehicle a short distance or attempting to rub away tire markings will not be considered compliance with the law and may result in the towing of your vehicle without any further warning. For information call the Vehicle Abatement Unit at 831-899-6748.

You will be liable for the cost of any citation, towing, and storage fees that result from your vehicle remaining in violation of any of these ordinances.

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If you have further questions or would like to report an abandoned vehicle please call the Vehicle Abatement Unit at 831-899-6748.

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