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City Clerk's Office

  1. Administrative Appeal Form

    This form is to be used to appeal an administrative citation that has been received. A hearing for your citation will only be scheduled... More…

  2. Notice of Claim Against Seaside Form

    Submit claims against the City of Seaside or the Seaside County Sanitation District

  1. Appeal to the City Council

    This is to be used to appeal an action from the Planning Commission to the City Council

  2. Special Event Application - City Department Services Request


  1. Automatic Water Bill Payments

    Enroll in automatic bill pay for your water utility payment with the City of Seaside

  2. Water Bill Closing
  1. Water Account Card

    Renters / owners can apply for a new water account

  2. Water Service Information Change

Mayor & City Council

  1. Application for Appointment to a City Board/Commission/Committee

    Apply to serve as a member for one of our local boards, commissions, or committees.

  2. Mayor Youth's Contribution Request

    The Mayor’s Youth Fund was created to provide supplemental financial assistance to students and non-profit groups that provide services... More…

  3. Public Records Request

    Documents provided during any public meeting are available for public inspection during the meeting or may be requested from the office... More…

  1. Application for Appointment to a City Commission
  2. Mayor's Youth Fund Closing Report

    Complete this form after receiving a contribution from the Mayor's Youth Fund.

Public Safety

  1. Dog License
  1. Fee Waiver Request Form

    Fee Waiver Request Form for rental of city properties