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Posted on: April 10, 2017

Homeless Outreach Teams Project

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The Seaside Police Department realizes the impact of homelessness on the Community and on the people who are experiencing it. The department understands the need for compassionate policing, education on available services, and building partnerships in order to address the needs of those suffering from homelessness. As a result, over the next several months, the Seaside Police Department will implement a program to educate the homeless in our community about services available to them. This will be accomplished by utilizing teams of officers who will contact homeless individuals. Officers will focus on providing individuals with information on service providers in Monterey County, and encouraging them to accept help. Whether their lack of housing has been caused by loss of income, substance abuse, behavioral health problems, or other issues, options are available to those who are willing to accept assistance. The officers on the Homeless Outreach Teams will work to assess problems and identify services available for each person’s individual needs. This will be achieved through coordination with the Coalition of Homeless Service Providers, Monterey County Department of Social Services, and the Monterey County Health Department. Officers will also enforce local ordinances and laws relating to panhandling, trespassing and lodging. The teams will be out contacting homeless in the community several days each week beginning Tuesday April 11th.

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