ADU Loan Program

*** COMING SOON: Seaside ADU Loan Program– Details Subject to Change.***

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The City of Seaside is launching its ADU Loan Program to offer thirty-year 0% interest deferred loans to eligible occupant homeowners to renovate, rehabilitate or construct Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) to rent to low-income occupants at an approved affordable rent rate.  

The Program is available to homeowners whose gross household income does not exceed 80% of Monterey County’s Area Median Income (AMI) adjusted by household size. The maximum loan (“Loan”) amount per Borrower is $100,000.

- Applications close October 15, 2023

Construction must be completed by July 2024

The ADU Loan Program provides low-income homeowners with housing options for family members or tenants. Homeowner participants receive support from the City to design, permit, construct, and rent their ADUs with a zero-interest, deferred 30-year loan (no monthly payments required). 


- Increased property value 

- Potential Rental Income 

- A safe and separate living space for family members or tenants 

- 0% interest deferred construction loan 

Questions? Please contact:

 Alexia Garcia Rapoport, Housing Program Manager


phone: 831-899-6772

Interested Homeowners can complete this form so that the City may contact you with program information. 

ADU Loan Program Details:

1. Interested homeowners will complete an application by October 15, 2023 and submit the required documents to be considered for the loan. 

2. Homeowners must live in the property's main home or the ADU. 

3. Loan Applicants and their renters/tenants must not earn more than 80% of Monterey County's 2022 Area Median Income (AMI) at the time of application. 2023 AMI will be released shortly. 

Maximum Gross Household Income cannot exceed: 

a. $63,700 for a 1-person household

b. $72,800 for a 2-person household 

c. $81,900 for a 3-person household 

d. $91,000 for a 4-person household

e. $98,300 for a 5-person household

f. $105,600 for a 6-person household

g. $112,850 for a 7-person household

h. $120,150 for an 8-person household

4. Maximum Monthly Rent may not exceed (*amounts will be finalized in 2023): 

a. $1,593 for a studio 

b. $1,820 for a 1-bedroom 

c. $2,048 for a 2-bedroom

d. $2,275 for a 3 bedroom 

5. One-year lease required for tenants, no short-term rentals. 

6. Loan payments are not required for 30 years or until change of occupancy or title, or loan default. 

7. Future "cash out" refinances are not permitted unless the Borrowers repay their ADU Loan.