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Understanding the Single-use Plastic Products and

Priority-impact Plastic Pollution Ordinance


Seaside is dedicated to our community and the natural resources upon which we all rely. Single-use items litter our streets and make their way to waterways, harming ecosystems. Their production and disposal contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, which disproportionately harm communities of color.

In response to these concerns the City of Seaside approved the Priority Impact Plastic Pollution Prevention Ordinance (PIP4) on August 5, 2021. The new law applies to all retail and service establishments, care providers doing business in the City of Seaside, and all events and activities in public spaces including beaches and parks.

This ordinance is a vital component in the City’s efforts to reduce waste and litter. It is consistent with stormwater pollution prevention actions and State’s CalRecycle recycling and waste disposal regulations. The City of Seaside is here to help you make the transition from single-use to reusables and to reduce waste in our community! We also encourage our public to join and play an important role in this effort.


Summary of Ordinance


The PIP4 has multiple aspects which are highlighted below: 

- Prioritize reusable materials whenever possible and reduce the use of single-use bags, cartons, boxes, or containers at the point of sale to customers, including food service ware at restaurants. 

- When single-use items are essential, they should comply with Monterey Regional Waste Management District guidelines.

- Businesses shall collect litter from their adjacent parking lots and sidewalks daily during operating hours.

- Restricts the use of balloons for business and special event promotion as well as at city parks and events.

- Restricts the sale of styrofoam.

- Limits use of plastic water bottles at City-sponsored events and in public parks or public land in the City of Seaside.

Resources for Businesses:


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Requisitos para Comercios - Folleto en Español

Priority Impact Plastic Pollution Prevention Ordinance - Guide for Restaurants

Ordenanza de Prevención de la Contaminación por Plástico de Impacto Prioritario - Guía para Restaurantes

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