West Broadway Urban Village Infrastructure Project

West Broadway Urban Village Vision

Design Improvements Have Begun 

The City of Seaside is progressing towards implementing the West Broadway Urban Village Specific Plan with construction of public infrastructure improvements within the Specific Plan area. The project scope includes the design of the following public improvements:

  • Streetscape and intersection improvements along Broadway Avenue, between Fremont and Del Monte Boulevards;
  • Realignment and signalization of the intersections at Broadway Avenue and Del Monte Boulevard and Del Monte Boulevard and Palm Avenue;
  • Development of pedestrian and bicycle amenities along Broadway Avenue, between Fremont and Del Monte Boulevards; and
  • Upgrade of public utilities within the public right of way within the entire Specific Plan area.


The City of Seaside has undergone an exciting planning process to strengthen the economic, social, cultural and recreational fabric of 40 acres in the City’s central business district. The West Broadway Urban Village Specific Plan (WBUV) seeks to create a distinctive mixed-use, transit-oriented urban core. It includes a mix of residential with ground floor retail and commercial uses along Broadway Avenue with supporting future transit-oriented development along the west side of Del Monte Boulevard. The adopted design guidelines promote smart growth and green building practices. The WBUV Specific Plan was recognized by the Transportation Agency of Monterey County as a 2009 Transportation Excellence Award winner for improving traffic through its transit-oriented components.


The Urban Village footprint (PDF) extends along Broadway and Palm Avenues from Fremont Boulevard west to Del Monte Boulevard, south along Del Monte Boulevard to Canyon Del Rey Boulevard, and on the north side of Canyon Del Rey Boulevard from Del Monte Boulevard to just before the Seaside City Hall.

Catalyst Projects

Two catalyst projects identified within the WBUV Specific Plan study area include a public library and parking garage mixed use development on Broadway Avenue and a Gateway hotel / conference center mixed-use development at the southeast corner of Canyon Del Rey and Del Monte Boulevards. The City Council unanimously adopted the WBUV Specific Plan by ordinance on January 21, 2010 and it is now in effect. The corresponding Program Environmental Impact Report was certified December 2009. To view the Adopted Specific Plan and Environmental Impact Report, view the Planning Division's Adopted Specific Plan page.

Progress Updates 

This page will follow the progress of the infrastructure improvements as they happen. Check back regularly to find out how work is proceeding. Or Follow us on Twitter @City_of_Seaside or www.Facebook.com/SeasideCA

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The design and engineering efforts are now complete and construction will commence in March and progress over the next several months, with expected completion by Spring 2018. 

Streetscape & Public Improvement Map

The City has hired a consulting firm, ROMA Design Group to coordinate the planning and design of new infrastructure within the Specific Plan Area. City staff will be working with ROMA to coordinate the planning for infrastructure improvements as well as a phasing plan to anticipate when certain improvements will occur.
West Broadway Urban Village Infrastructure Map