Monterey Peninsula Trade & Exposition Center

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Development Opportunities On the Former Fort Ord

The Redevelopment Agency of the City of Seaside has been evaluating the feasibility of a regional Trade and Exposition Center in the former Fort Ord area. An extensive market and feasibility study has indicated that there is market demand for such a facility. The proposed regional Monterey Peninsula Trade and Exposition Center would be designed to meet the space requirements of events too large for the region's existing conference venues. The proposed facility would serve new events that have been unable to stage activities on the Peninsula because of the lack of space in the region's existing conference facilities. The Central Coast needs an adequately-sized convention, trade show and exposition complex to complement and sustain our extensive hospitality infrastructure.

Convention Center

A Convention Center district concept, including commercial and retail components, has emerged as a result of preliminary discussions. The overall project would ultimately be developed as part of a Trade and Exposition Center master plan involving consensus among the many regional stakeholders.

Trade & Exposition Center

The Trade and Exposition Center would provide for events such as:

Trade and Consumer Shows
  • Events displaying new technology, products and services
  • Focal-point trade events for virtually all industries
  • Larger-scale auction facilities complement the region's world-class motorsports and auto events
  • Events capitalizing on the international appeal and linguistic resources of the region
Conventions and Conferences
  • Larger-scale continuing professional education events
  • Networking and interaction conventions
  • Strategic planning conferences for government, institutions and industry
  • Conferences focused on security, military and international trade matters

Advisory Committee

Based upon an evaluation of market and finance issues, a preliminary project size of approximately 250,000 square feet is recommended. A regional working advisory committee is being formed that will focus on recommendations related to location and conceptual design. Financing options, facility management and governance will also be determined through a process involving extensive multi-jurisdictional cooperation.

Green Development

While the goals of sustaining the regional economy, providing a wide range of quality new jobs and inducing high quality economic spin-off development are important, the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Seaside has made the commitment that the Monterey Peninsula Trade and Exposition Center will be a model for larger-scale Green development. The broader principle of sustainability shall be considered paramount. It is envisioned that the Monterey Peninsula Trade and Convention Center will be designed as a low-profile campus project incorporating design and construction techniques meeting or exceeding the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards of the U.S. Green Building Council.