Start a New Business

How Do I Start a New Business in Seaside?

First, feel free to download the informational handout on Establishing and Operating a Business in the City of Seaside (PDF) for a quick overview.

The City of Seaside supports a range of businesses from national brands to locally-owned businesses. If you are planning to start a new business, there are a few steps to take before opening your doors for the first time.

The Planning Division is the place to start to make sure your business is a permitted land use on a particular property. Contact the Planning Division at (831) 899-6737 or visit us at City Hall at 440 Harcourt Avenue to find out about any planning permits you may need.

After checking in with the Planning Division, and receiving any required Planning permits, the Building Division and Finance Division will be able to accept your application for a Certificate of Occupancy and Business License.  To begin the Seaside Business License application visit City Hall's public counter located at 440 Harcourt Avenue. To renew the Seaside Business License, visit Avenu Insight's web portal and create an account. If you have any questions while completing the form, please contact Avenu Insights at +1 (866) 240-3665 or by email.

If you are planning to cook or sell any food products, you may need to contact the Monterey County Health Department and Monterey Regional Pollution Control Agency. Additionally, the Monterey One Water regulates the allocation of water credits that may be needed for your business. Please contact the Planning Division if you have questions about any of these additional agency approvals.