Seaside Emergency Planning

Monterey Peninsula Regional Emergency Coordination Center

Whether in war or peacetime emergency, it’s often true that the best laid plans are subject to change based on the circumstances of the moment. However, in emergency management and occupational health and safety, having well-conceived, collaboratively developed plans enables players throughout the whole community to effectively perform identified roles in:
  • Preventing
  • Mitigating
  • Responding to
  • Recovering from emergencies of all types and sizes
Staff members working inside an Emergency Operations Center

Planning Activities

Whether providing guidance on responding to a catastrophic earthquake or support activities for an Acts of Violence Incident, the Monterey Peninsula Regional Emergency Coordination Center (MPRECC) conducts a wide-range of planning activities throughout the year in cooperation with our partners from the California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) campus and surrounding communities. The resulting plans coordinate activities between agencies, provide important safety information and establish training and exercise goals related to emergency management.

The following planning activities are currently targeted by MPRECC:
  • Training - Training is essential to effective emergency management.
  • Exercises - Exercises are also essential to improving emergency response capabilities and building a resilient community.
  • Emergency Resources - Emergencies often require significant amounts of equipment and other resources to successfully mitigate.
  • Regional and System - Wide Collaboration - Building disaster resilience requires collaborative efforts of the whole community
  • Public Outreach - A critical element of building disaster resilient communities and a culture of safety is engaging our community members.