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  1. Age Well Drive Smart CHP Older Driver Program

    Join us for a Free Age Well Drive Smart CHP Older Drivers Workshop to help older drivers continue to drive safely. Open to the public! Read on...
  2. Senior Knitters

    Join us each Monday morning! Read on...
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Ms. Alena's Imagine Dance Academy

For boys & girls ages 3-18
Location: Dance Studio, Oldemeyer Center, 986 Hilby Avenue

Classes include:
  • Preschool Music & Movement
  • Preschool Creative Movement
  • Introduction to Tap
  • Creative Movement I
  • Creative Movement II
  • Dance in Motion

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Self Defense & Awareness w/ Eric Ransom

For boys & girls ages 5-15
Location: Laguna Grande Hall, Oldemeyer Center, 986 Hilby Avenue

Levels include:
  • Beginners
  • Yellow & Orange Belts
  • Purple & Green Belts and above

Seaside Art Academy

For boys & girls in Middle and High School
Click here for more information

Please refer to our Activities Guide, Registration Page, or call (831)-899-6800 for more information.