Wanted Persons

Wanted List

On this page you will find fliers and information concerning persons wanted by the Seaside Police Department. Most of those listed are wanted in connection with a violent criminal act and should be considered Armed and Dangerous.
  • You should never attempt to apprehend or detain any of the people listed.
  • Call 911 or other appropriate law enforcement for enforcement actions.
From time to time other persons, or property, of interest to the Seaside Police Department will also be listed. As with persons wanted for criminal acts, no attempts to contact, detain or apprehend should be attempted by anyone other than law enforcement personnel. Call 911

Most Wanted List

Manhunt Monday
November 30, 2015 Justin Ross Chapman (PDF) Wanted
November 16, 2015 Juan Velasco (PDF) Wanted
October 26, 2015 Charles Weekley (PDF) Wanted
September 28, 2015 Stephen Ray Webster Arrested
September 14, 2015 Angel Luis Caro (PDF) Wanted
August 31, 2015 Gabriel Holbert (PDF) Wanted
August 24, 2015 Glenn Edwards (PDF) Wanted
August 10, 2015 Reinaldo Depellegrini Arrested
June 22, 2015 Sherifa Fitzgerald (PDF) Wanted
June 15, 2015 Gary Eusevio Arellano Resolved
June 8, 2015 Micaela Wimbush Arrested
June 1, 2015 Willard Capen Jr. (PDF) Wanted
May 25, 2015 Nicholas Ryan Hernandez (PDF) Wanted
May 11, 2015 Joshua Lee Lewis (PDF) Wanted
March 30, 2015 Carleen McPadden Looney Arrested
March 23, 2015 Ricardo Sanchez (PDF) Wanted
March 16, 2015 Timothy Wade Porter Arrested
March 9, 2015 Oscar Javier Mata (PDF) Wanted
February 23, 2015 John Elroy Kenyon Arrested
November 17, 2014 Anthony Martezz Randall (PDF) Wanted
November 3, 2014 Robert Glaze (PDF) Wanted
October 13, 2014 Manuel Briesca Gomez (PDF) Wanted
September 29, 2014 Robert Ray Daniels (PDF) Wanted
August 25, 2014 Juan Antonio Velazquez-Arvizu (PDF) Wanted
August 11, 2014 Uriel Sanchez (PDF) Wanted
June 16, 2014 Salvatore John Sercia (PDF) Wanted