Crime Reports

Police Department
Seaside Police Department is using as a tool to increase and improve community safety. provides information and data as part of our coordinated crime prevention initiative. It encourages members of the community to continue partnering and problem solving with Seaside Police, and also adds to the transparency of our department. For further information and explanation about, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF). There are several practical ways to use this tool:

Individual Incidents

View the CrimeReports Seaside Police Department website to be directed to an interactive map of Seaside. To learn about a specific crime, click on the bubble that appears at the location you're interested in, and an informational window will appear. This window pop up will give you access to generic information about the crime as it becomes available, and will provide you with a secure, anonymous way to send valuable tips and information regarding that specific incident to our department through It is valuable tips such as those received from our caring community that helps our investigators and officers get criminals off the streets of Seaside.

View Range of Police Activity

Click on the date range button. Two maps will appear. From the map on the left, you will select the start date of your range. From the map on your right, you will select the end date of your range. Select the apply and close button, and every incident that occurred during this range will automatically populate the map.

To move around the map, left-click your mouse anywhere on your map, and simply drag the map to your desired position. provides concerned citizens the ability to participate in online crime reporting in a completely secure and anonymous environment. Once you've entered your tip into the Tipsoft system, it is forwarded directly to the Tipsoft company where it is issued a secure, automated ID number. Your tip is then directed to the Seaside Police Department, identified only by your private ID number. At this point, an officer will reply to your ID number, keeping your identity 100% anonymous.

Contact Us

To email a tip, please visit the TipSoft by Public Engines website. Send text tips to: (274637) CRIMES. In the text field, enter SSPDTIPS, followed by your tip.

Note: If the crime is in progress, please call 911.