Major Development Projects

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West Broadway Urban Village Specific Plan

In the last 2 years, the City of Seaside has undergone an exciting planning process to revitalize and enhance the economic, social, cultural and recreational fabric of 40 acres in the City’s central business district. The West Broadway Urban Village Specific Plan seeks to create a distinctive mixed-use, transit-oriented urban village in the City's downtown core. It will include a mix of residential with ground floor retail and commercial uses along Broadway Avenue with supporting future transit-oriented development along the west side of Del Monte Boulevard. Design guidelines will promote smart growth and green building practices. To find out more about the Specific Plan, visit our Adopted Specific Plans page.

Two major projects currently identified within the Specific Plan study area include a public library and parking garage on Broadway Avenue and an approximately 6-acre hotel/conference center mixed-use development at the southeast corner of Canyon Del Rey and Del Monte Boulevards. To find out more about the Specific Plan, contact the Planning Division office at 831-899-6737.

The Projects at Main Gate Specific Plan

The Successor Agency of the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Seaside seeks to partner with a development team to build a resort-style outdoor regional retail and entertainment center. The development site is approximately 53 acres of vacant coastal land at the main gate of the former Fort Ord Army Base and adjacent to the growing California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) campus. The proposed mixed-use project will feature approximately 500,000 of open-air retail and entertainment space. Other project components include a 250 room hotel/conference center with spa amenities.

The City Council is expected to consider adoption of the Specific Plan and certification of the Environmental Impact Report in August 2010, with the Specific Plan expected to become effective in September 2010. Find documents and read more about the Projects at Main Gate here.

26 Acres South of Lightfighter Drive

The preparation and implementation of a specific plan for this coastal opportunity site will be considered as a Phase II to The Projects at Main Gate Specific Plan (above) which proposes a “lifestyle center” to the north of the 26 acre site. The City envisions a retail, cultural and entertainment mixed-use project that will serve local residents, the adjacent California State University Monterey Bay, and Monterey Peninsula visitors.

Surplus II Planning Area

This planning area consists of approximately 90 acres of vacant and underutilized properties just south of California State University Monterey Bay on the former Fort Ord. In the future a Specific Plan will be prepared to help guide the site’s development. Potential uses under exploration include mixed-used, educational-serving development.

Central Coast Veteran’s Cemetery

The Central Coast Veteran’s Cemetery is to be a final resting place honoring the service of regional Veterans. The site will serve the needs of the surrounding four-county area with a final estimated interment of 11,500 traditional burial and crypt sites. The cemetery will be situated on approximately 80 acres in the former Fort Ord area in northeast Seaside.

A Final Development Master Plan includes two development opportunity parcels adjacent to the cemetery; sale proceeds from these parcels will be used to generate endowment funds for the cemetery. Additionally, the Master Plan includes a habitat conservation area in the southern parcel. Information is available at the Monterey County Military and Veterans Affairs Office.

Seaside East

The Seaside East opportunity site is approximately 700 acres of undeveloped coastal upland that is bounded by Seaside’s border to the south, General Jim Moore Boulevard to the west, Eucalyptus Road and the planned Veteran’s Cemetery to the north and Habitat Management area under the Bureau of Land Management to the east. The City’s General Plan and a 2007 market study calls for varying densities of residential units with about 50 acres of neighborhood retail. The City is currently re-evaluating the highest and best use of Seaside East. A trade and convention center project is being considered. Requests for Proposals for a Master Developer will be released at a future date.

Youth Hostel

This project proposed is a 120-bed youth hostel consistent with the Fort Ord Reuse Authority Reuse Plan for Mixed Use Development. The project will to be constructed as an Eco-Hostel and incorporate a variety of sustainable building practices. Access information provided for the Development Entitlement Consistency Determination Application.

Monterey Downs

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Seaside Senior Living

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