Adopted Specific Plans

A Specific Plan establishes a link between the implementing policies of the City’s General Plan and the individual development goals and characteristics of a particular area in the City. A thorough Specific Plan can enable a jurisdiction to effectively implement selected long-term General Plan objectives in a relatively short time frame. Enabling policies in a Specific Plan are flexible, allowing public agencies to create standards for the development of a wide range of projects or solutions to any type of land use issues.

Specific Plan’s also represent an important tool for developing a community's "sense of place" while public involvement in the Specific Plan process helps define the community’s vision of future growth and development. The following Specific Plans have been adopted by the City Council, after extensive public outreach and deliberation. For questions on a certain Specific Plan, please contact the Planning Division at 831-899-6700.
  1. Projects at Main Gate Specific Plan

    The Projects at Main Gate Specific Plan outlines the future development of approximately 56 acres on the former Fort Ord in the City of Seaside.

  2. West Broadway Urban Village Specific Plan

    The West Broadway Urban Village Specific Plan is the result of an exciting planning process to revitalize and enhance the economic, social, cultural and recreational fabric of the City of Seaside's West Broadway Avenue.