Bikeways Transportation Plan

"Planning" with image of plans being reviewed
The purpose of the City's Bicycle Transportation Plan is to establish a system of bike ways within the City that connect with and complete the region's bike-way system. In addition to serving the needs of existing City residents, anticipated growth on the former Fort Ord military base, including the California State University - Monterey Bay campus, will bring a significant number of new residents, employees and students to the community who will require safe and efficient bicycle transportation to and from businesses, schools and residential neighborhoods. Bikeways that connect residential neighborhoods with businesses, schools and services within the City are crucial to the health and vitality of the Seaside community.

Download the 2011 TAMC Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (PDF) to learn more about planned bicycle routes and facilities, or simply download the Plan's map of existing and planned bike ways (PDF) to find out where they are located throughout the City.