Seaside General Plan

"Planning" with image of plans being reviewed
Seaside is in the process of updating the General Plan and the Housing Element. For information on the full General Plan Update, please visit  Seaside has submitted a draft Housing Element to HCD for review. View the draft Housing Element.  View the Technical Appendix for the draft Housing Element.. View the Notice of Intent to issue a Negative Declaration in English and the Notice of Intent to issue a Negative Declaration in Spanish as well as the  Initial Study-Negative Declaration for the 2015-2023 Housing Element Update.

The documents referenced below are for the currently adopted General Plan.

California law requires each city to adopt a comprehensive, long-term general plan to guide the physical development of the community. Seaside’s General Plan serves as the ‘blueprint’ for future growth and development, containing policies and programs that provide the community’s decision makers with a basis for decisions related to land use and development. In accordance with State law, the General Plan is the primary document that the City uses to guide and regulate the use of land within its boundaries.

The General Plan consists of a Land Use Policy Map and 8 mandatory Elements, or chapters. Seaside’s General Plan also contains 2 non-mandatory Elements that assist in furthering the aesthetic quality and economic prosperity of the community: Urban Design and Economic Development. Follow the links below to download and print a full version of the Seaside General Plan or each individual Element or section.