Budget & Financial Statements

  1. Budget

    The City Council / Agency Board is committed to strategic planning and goal setting. The Council and Management staff routinely conduct two strategic planning sessions a year, one in June and one in January. The long-term goals and six-month objectives developed in these sessions form the basis for the development of the budget. Proposed budgets are presented to Council / Board in May of each year and a follow up study session follows. Two public meetings are held in June to discuss the budget and hear community input. The budget is adopted in June.

  2. Financial Statements

    The Basic Financial Statements for the City of Seaside and the Seaside County Sanitation District present audited financial information for the twelve month period ending June 30th.

  3. Sales Tax Reports

    The City's sales tax consultant, HDL, prepares a quarterly sales tax report. The report discusses sales tax activity in the City of Seaside.