Human Resources / Risk Management Department

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The Mission of the Human Resources Department is to provide centralized human resources services to all City departments and to promote the concept that our employees are our most valuable resource.


The Human Resources Department is responsible to:
  • Administer the City's personnel rules and regulations, workers' compensation, safety, employee benefits, wellness, employee relations, and equal employment opportunity programs;
  • Provide diverse and skilled applicant pools; classification and compensation administration; labor relations; human resources management tools; policies and procedures; and other support to City departments;
  • Develop, manage, and facilitate employee recognition and engagement programs;
  • Represent the City Council and City Manager on employee relations matters with representatives of recognized employee organizations;
  • Assure that the City has fair and equitable policies and procedures that are uniformly interpreted and implemented; and
  • Manage a City-wide training program that provides all mandated training, safety training, and training that will enhance an employee’s ability to excel in their positions and prepare them for future promotional opportunities.
  •  The Risk Management Division provides risk management services for injured employees, citizens, and/or property damage. It's mission is to foster a safe and healthy environment for employees and citizens. 
  1. Physical Address
    440 Harcourt Avenue
    Seaside, CA 93955

    Fax: 831-718-8593

  2. Sandra Floyd

    Human Resources Director / Risk Manager

  3. Sam Alcaraz Sakhrani

    Human Resources Analyst

  4. Melissa Failauga

    Human Resources Specialist

  5. Vanessa Gonzalez

    Human Resources Specialist