Mayor & City Council

Inside of City Council Chambers

City Council Meetings

  • 5 p.m.
  • 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month, special meetings are held as needed,
  • City Council Chamber at City Hall, 440 Harcourt Avenue, Seaside, CA

All meetings of the City Council are open to the public. At these public meetings, the City Council makes policy determinations; approves agreements and contracts; adopts ordinances (local laws) and regulations, and authorizes the expenditure of City funds. The City Council also serves as the Board of Directors for the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency of the City.

Council Members

The City of Seaside has one Mayor and four Council Members, all elected at-large. Our current elected City Council as of November 2022 is as follows:

City Council MemberEmail
Mayor Ian OglesbyEmail Ian Oglesby
Mayor Pro Tem Dave Pacheco
Email Dave Pacheco
Council Member Alexis Garcia-Arrazola
Email Alexis Garcia-Arrazola
Council Member Rita Burks
Email Rita Burks
Council Member Alex MillerEmail Alex Miller

The Council works at the pleasure of the public. If you have concerns or kudos about the City, contact them directly! You can access their email by clicking on the above links or by calling the City Manager's office at 831-899-6704.

Council Agendas & Minutes

Agendas and materials for regular meetings are available at least 72 hours prior to each regular meeting. To receive agenda notifications via email, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 831-899-6707 or by email. Minutes are available following approval.

View Agendas and Materials

City Council Priorities

In November 2022, the City Council reviewed and discussed its priorities for FY 2022/2023 and were identified as:

1. Effective, Accessible Governance

2. Vibrant Local Economy

3. Diverse & Inclusive Community

4. Enhanced Physical Infrastructure & Abundant Water Supply

5. Community Safety & Quality of Life

Review the 2023-2025 Strategic Planning Retreat Report and Work Plans from each department.

New City Council 2023

Mayor & Council Terms

Elections are held every two years in a general election in November of even-numbered years. The Mayor serves 2-year terms and the four members of the City Council have rotating 4-year terms; every two years, two members of the City Council are also selected by the voters through a general election. Seaside elected officials do not have term limits.

Council/City Manager Form of Government

The City of Seaside is a General Law City with a Council / Manager form of government. The five-member City Council is a legislative and policy-making body that is elected on a nonpartisan basis to represent the residents of Seaside.

City Manager

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council to manage the daily operations of the City and is responsible for making policy recommendations to the City Council and implementing City Council policy directives.